For many, the purchase of a home and land is the most expensive purchase of their lifetime. Exercise caution when investing. Whether building your dream home or making an investment in real estate for future development or sale, a thorough search of the public conveyance and mortgage records can be critical. Take the steps available to achieve peace of mind regarding the title to your property.

Genco • Valentine • Blunk has many years of experience serving clients to secure good title to land, homes and other buildings. It is important to be sure that the property you acquire, donate, mortgage, transfer or upon which you build, has been checked to determine the current owner(s) and to deal with all encumbrances affecting the tile. Genco • Valentine • Blunk has the necessary resources to perform the research, to work with lenders and to record in the public records the appropriate documents to serve buyers, sellers, mortgagors, and donors/donees. Let us serve you with our experience, knowledge and attention to detail.

Examples of Real Estate Sales and Mortgages include:

  • Cash Deeds
  • Donations
  • Credit Deeds
  • Bond for Deeds
  • Mortgages
  • Title Opinions
  • Title Insurance