GVB Law Office has experience with numerous cases regarding Louisiana law as it pertains to wills, successions and power of attorney. If you wish to create a will to protect your family and loved ones, contact us for legal advice today. Our knowledgeable attorneys will assist you from beginning to end, ensuring the security and protection of your wishes after you pass. We continually aid clients in creating wills to properly execute property distribution within the boundaries of Louisiana state law. GVB is fully dedicated to supporting our clients, which is why we provide our services in a sensitive and understanding manner, because we know that planning and discussing death is difficult.

At GVB Law Office, we make it our primary goal to protect our client’s best interests. Our familiarity with Louisiana Law and probate law allows us to properly advise and direct our clients through this planning process. It is important that last wills and testaments are completed in accordance with the law to guarantee succession for loved ones in the event of a death. There are many benefits in having a last wills and testament, and legal documents to support requests for power of attorney. For a consultation with GVB Law Office, call 985.748.8164 or send us an e-mail: attorney@gvblaw.com.